Elyse D has the typical story; school plays and playing around with friends telling stories until she discovered that acting was a pursuable passion! Her warm, sophisticated, yet spicy personality makes it easy to play roles that are versatile and gives a different experience each time.


Actress. Entreprenuer. Speaker. Model

Elyse D believes, published or unpublished, everyone has a story to tell, advice to give, or entertainment to share. However, many people choose not to put this information in book or readable form. Elyse D would like to share what she knows and believes with you in hopes that it will inspire, change, entertain, and draw you to action. Not only that, Elyse D wants to get you out there!


Actress. Entreprenuer. Speaker. Model

If you couple the gift of gab and a heart to see individuals grow, you will find Elyse D in the middle!

Elyse D has struggled through many relationships and careers only to find out that she did not have to. When she made that discovery, Elyse vowed to make it her life’s goal to share that insight with others.


Actress. Entreprenuer. Speaker. Model

Runway, commercial, high fashion and the more, Elyse D’s the choice. With a face that embodies strength and elegance, her signature style is unmatched.

Elyse D's desire is to mix her acting and modeling skills together, posing for the camera has been her most sought after gift. Runway or print, she’s ready to pose!


Actress. Entreprenuer. Speaker. Model